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Your Losing it MAN!!!

Hey LF,

Ive been an admirer of your work for sometime, But lately ive noticed a decline in you flash qualitiy and jokes. I dont mean to say that your animations are bad, it's just NEWGROUNDS is over run with too many game parodies and people who just end up degrading the quality of people trying to make a worthwhile flash. I'm not trying to bag on every newcomer to flash/newgrounds, just the people who submit stuff and don't appciate what newgrounds is about.

Personally man, you have gotten lazy i know there are things in life that distract you from being (and face it) a newgounds celebritiy. I know that you must have other things on the agenda but i remeber last year when you were at the peak of you game with such hits as The Matrix has you series and The Ark and Kerrigan series. In saying your jokes have become plain, humorless and overused; Not saying that "overusing" something isnt funny the repition is good but there is a line and you crossed it with the "The One Ring To Rule Them All" series. When Sauron constantly repeats the statement time and time again like anything it got old quick. Like i said im not here to dump on your parade.

I would also like to point out that this review is hypocritical because i, myself have not got anything flash-wise submitted on Newgrounds. It is because i have had some housing issues with flatmates but I'm not going to bore you with that.

Now on a good note, You are a good artist mind you and you have some well-thoughtout flash; My personal favorite was "Metal Gear Crisis" even though you did not animate it, it was well thoughtout and i give you praise for that but anyway. This flash was good in the scale of things the graphics i'll give a 8, oh and also like to add a 9 for the backgrounds (Supplied by Dim from SFB), Story was a bit ruggard and tacky it seemed like you had just thrown stuff in there to get the flash done faster and for that i will give you a 6. Voice acting was alright but not your best so i'll give you a 6 1/2 for that one, Script was ok but seemily pointless it didnt really much aid the story line you basically just copied the game but made minor adjustments to the script so for that i will give you a 4 but overall its a 6 3/4 for me not your best work.

-MBA and NI

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In execption of the date

Hello Clipnotdone,
RandomFlicks told me to check this out. I looked at the date of submission so i'll take that into account, The animation in some places was "Shoddy" and mixed of example.
"When he(the character) was smashing his head on the desk, it seemed to bow before the character even hit it!"

Also When doing characters try to draw a next for points of rotation and it makes the character stand out more if the characters outta lines are thicker than the things in the backgound.
now thats the bad heres the good, the song chosen was a good song for what i guess you can call a story line but yes animation is pretty decent for a first animation good job. I found the easter egg it was quite charming. I also like the menu bar around the screen.
Well i only watched it once and thats all i have to say
I take into account you are most proberly better than this now(because i was reviewing it like it was back on the date) but yes i hope to see more from you
-Macbeth Animations Inc.

clipnotdone responds:

Well first off Im wholeheartedly amazed to see well written out constructive criticism in a newgrounds review, which is sadly becoming rare.

Back when I made this, I know I was capable of making something allot better, but 3 days didn't leave much headroom, although I do have to say the fact that this is my only fully completed flash to date really makes me look lazy, but theres always looking back via my sheezy gallery to stuff thats pre-dates this (the horror) right up to some junk I put up yesterday.

But its always nice to look back at your old work and see how far you have come.

Once again, thank you for the input.

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