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Hey guys,

Here's an update. I...what am i saying "I" for I mean "We" have just submitted a track, made not long ago for a music assignment.

Rooftops and Skyscrapers take a look if you guys have the time!

But for more important news "Macbeth Animations" and "Novak Indusitries" have formed in a collabrative effort to create "Macbeth Meets Novak" we have been working on a few small projects due for release in 2008 well that's all for now keep watching!

Hello Tom and NG

2007-07-21 22:58:12 by Macbethanimations

Hello there fellow animators, Tom and NG,

I am... well besides Tom (Because he can hack my file) i'll keep my real name a secert, You can just call me Macbeth. I only recently joined NG even though i have been animating for sometime now somewhere over 6 years. I am going to be bringing you some cartoon entertainment over my stay here at newgrounds. Let me tell you a bit about me, I am Male Im 17 yrs old and im out of school and work as an App 1st year Boilermaker(not something you would imagine an animator to be doing aye?) anyway my love for animation started at a small age while watching the simpsons, I didnt ever think i would one day be bringing to life animations of my own to share. I first got my hands on flash when i was 11yo's, My grade 6 teacher introduced it to me and i shortly became well for how old i was i thought i was the greatest animator in the world. Well thats me for now.